Pulled Over For Reckless Driving

Here is a very spontaneous and thrilling adventure for a proposal! You would first need the help and approval of the local sheriffs in your town. If they agree to help, have them wait for her on the freeway or street that she takes everyday to come home. You can confirm exactly when she will be leaving for the day to go home by keeping in touch with her that day.

Once the cops see her, they will turn their sirens on and drive after her. Once they stop her, the cops will say that someone called in reporting that she is driving recklessly. The cops ask her to step out of the car so they can do further search and have her sit in the police vehicle. As she is escorted to the police vehicle, you will be in between her car and the police car, on your knees, asking her to be your wife!

This will be one big shocker for her! To make it romantic, you can follow the proposal with a nice dinner at home, decorated with rose petals and candles throughout the room.

Intimate Dinner At Home

This is a great, simple, and romantic idea especially if you want something very private and in the comfort of your own home. You can basically incorporate any of the other ideas in it. You can also take any of the following ideas and us it for your proposal:

  • Play your favorite song for her and ask her for a dance
  • Make her favorite dish, or order out if you can’t cook
  • Make a toast to her, letting her know how you feel
  • write her a poem and have her read it aloud
  • Have flowers delivered while you are having dinner with a special note

Flying Banner

You can have a flying banner that spells out your proposal. This may be more costly but if it is in your budget it can be very special and exciting. The fun part will be when you point it out to her. You have two ways you can approach this idea.

  1. You can point out the banner by acting surprised and commenting “Oh look at that, he wants to marry Cindy. Wait, aren’t you Cindy?” You can follow the comment by laughing and then getting on your knees and proposing.
  2. You can point out the banner and follow with the proposal, skipping the joking and sarcasm.

You can follow the proposal with something intimate and romantic. You can make reservations for dinner, or have her surprised at home with friends and family or make another kind of celebration that you think she would enjoy.

Bungee Jumping

Talk about an exciting and thrilling adventure! If this is something that the two of you had wanted to do, this can be a good time to experience it. You can propose to her before you jump down and have the instructors tape the whole thing!

You will both jump down with a great feeling and something amazing to look forward to upon arrival! Again, following this thrilling adventure, it would be nice to do something intimate like go to the beach and lie on the sand together at nighttime, or out to dinner at a favorite restaurant.

At Work

To propose at her work can be really thrilling and fun. It is important to take into consideration her kind of work and the type of setting she is in. You have to get permission from her boss and supervisors that you can pull this off in the workplace. The last thing we want is her getting fired because of your proposal!

The exciting part is that the last place she is expecting a proposal is at her work place. Depending on her work, you can surprise her in different ways. If she is in an office setting, you can have her boss call her into his office. You will make prior arrangements with her boss to have this done when he is actually out of the office and you can pretend to be her “boss” sitting in his chair.

At that point, you can have others come in the room to surprise her or keep it more private and propose there. This idea can definitely be followed with something romantic and fancy like a night out salsa dancing, candle light dinner, or a fancy restaurant.

Canoeing Followed By A Picnic

This is a great idea on a good weather day, especially if you like boating, canoeing, or outdoorsy activities. This is especially great if you want something very private, and romantic. This can be planned by using a friend’s boat or canoe or renting one out. You can bring music to set the mood, play an instrument if you know how, or even sing to her if you have that kind of ability.

Otherwise, you can just go for the proposal without the other props. You also have the option of having a special picnic after the boating ride. You can propose to her at the picnic as well. The picnic can be a surprise that you already laid out with the food, wine, and music. You can ask a friend to show up and set it up for you close to the time that you will be arriving for the picnic. This will make the day even more special and meaningful!

On The Plane

Talk about an elevating experience, literally  This idea will work if you are planning a trip together around the time of your proposal. The idea is unique, exciting, and fun. You are sure to receive great cheer and excitement from the fellow travelers and staff!

You can make arrangements with the pilot and flight attendants beforehand so that they can help you on this exciting plan. You can have the pilot make an announcement that will vary depending on how you want to go about this. You can have the pilot make an announcement: “There is a man on this plane that is in love. He’s so lucky that the woman he’s in love with is sitting right next to him. Raise your hand if you are that man.” That is when you raise your hand, look at her, and you loudly express to her how you feel. “I am that man. These past xx years have been magical. I want to spend the rest of my years in magic with you. Will you be my wife?”

You can make this proposal at the end of your flight, the beginning, or middle, its all up to you. You will however need to make sure that the timing is okay with the pilots and staff. You can plan your celebration at your arrival destination. The entire vacation can be a celebration as a newly engaged couple!

Carriage Ride

A carriage ride is romantic, calming, and just beautiful when you are with the person you love! So the idea to propose on a carriage ride will be great! You can arrange a carriage ride by surprising her during the day or evening.

It would be nice to arrange this when the weather is nice and you don’t have to worry about the rain, or cold weather. You can propose to her while the carriage is going or have it stop at a particular spot that you think she will find special and propose to her there.

Again, you can make the proposal public, by inviting friends and family to show up at that special spot to witness the proposal, or you can make it more private and keep it for just the two of you. You can have this proposal videotaped by a friend or professional and have it as a keepsake forever.

CD Message

This is a very sweet idea for those that love music and have that artsy side. You can pick songs that have meaning for the two of you, a song you can laugh to because it reminds you of when you saw her at the party dancing in that cute funny way, or it can be a song that the both of you have listened to over and over again together.

The songs in the CD can be your collection that you want to share with her. It can also be a collection of love songs that express deep feelings for the person, making a commitment, songs that talk about getting married, making the perfect introduction to your proposal message.

If you sing, or play an instrument, this would be a nice time to record it on the CD and dedicate it to her. After the collection of songs, you will have a special message dedicated to her. You can record your proposal on the CD, or have her listen to the entire CD, then propose to her in person.

You can also get creative with the CD cover. You can print a picture of the two of you and write a special message: “This is for my love” or “I have something to tell you.” You also have different choices for how she will receive the CD. You can simply give it to her or make it more interesting by having her find it in her car, in her purse, on her bed, at work. Anywhere really!

Fake Business Trip

This idea will take more planning and will be more costly because of the plane tickets, hotel and other travel expenses. If that’s all in your budget then this can be a very thrilling and fun out of town proposal. Next, you will have to discuss this and get permission from her boss. If her boss agrees to the plan, he will ask her to fly out of town on business.

Her boss will also notify her that unfortunately she must go alone because “company policy” does not allow her to be on business with anyone unless they are your spouse. If this is untrue based on her past coworkers who have gone on business trips with their boyfriends, girlfriends, her boss can add that this policy has just recently been in place. You will be making all the arrangements with the hotel and notifying them of your plan.

You will arrive at the hotel substantially earlier than her to prepare and make sure that she does not see you in the lobby or nearby the hotel. Once you get the keys, you can prepare the room and have the option of making the room look romantic by having candles and roses throughout the room for when she arrives. She will be pleasantly surprised to find you waiting in her hotel room upon her arrival.

You can propose to her as she arrives or you can wait and greet her and slowly explain to her why you are in her hotel room. Regardless of how you will do it, this will be one proposal that she will remember and share with her friends and family for a long time!